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Pros of Building an ADU

Accessory dwelling units are known by different names like tiny homes, granny flats, and backyard cottages among others. There are many benefits of building an ADU San Diego on your property and you can choose to have them attached or detached to the primary building. In some instances, there are property owners who choose to convert their storage rooms, basements, and garages to ADUS. Since the requirements for building ADUs were eased, there are many people who have invested in such units in San Diego. You have an opportunity to also have additional living space on your property.

At Diamond ADU Builders San Diego, we have a team of experienced professionals who will ensure that your granny flat has been built in the right way. Do you have teenagers who are no longer kids and would love some form of independence? Are your parents old and would not want to place them in an assisted living facility? These are some of the reasons why you may consider building an ADU. Even better, if you could use some extra income, you can make some rental income by putting out the unit to let.

Before choosing an ADU builder, it is imperative to understand what you are getting yourself into. Our contractors are friendly and always ready to answer any questions that you may have about accessory dwelling units. The state of California is looking for affordable and fast solutions to the housing problems and this is what ADUs are encouraged on zoned residential properties. We are ready to help you with the construction of your in-law flat but first of all, let us explore some of the benefits of these units.

Building an ADU in San Diego

First and foremost, since the San Diego ADU will be added to your existing property, it will increase its value. When you look at all factors, you will realize that you will get so much more value by putting up an ADU compared to the cost you will invest. Recently, there are new prefab ADU San Diego laws that were passed in the state of California, which is good for homeowners. This makes it possible for property owners to put up a secondary living space on their property of residence. You can choose to move into the ADU and rent out the main house so as to get a decent rental income.

Did you know that with the construction of an ADU you will get more square footage on your property? This is a great opportunity to build another home without having to buy a lot, which makes it affordable. Grown kids and elderly relatives will have additional rooms where they can live comfortably without having to worry about their privacy. If you are one of those people who work from home, the ADU would make a great home office.

Diamond ADU Builders San Diego has a great team of ADU builders San Diego who will help you with the construction of your tiny home. There has been a positive change in the local and state regulations in regards to ADUS. It is now easier to construct an ADU San Diego on your property and start reaping the numerous benefits of these types of houses. Our ADU experts will provide all the information that will be needed to help you make an informed decision. We have amazing designs and San Diego County ADU plans to share with you.

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Choose the right ADU Professional 

Have you paid attention to rent prices in California recently? The property market seems to be a very lucrative industry. The good news is that you can venture into it without buying a new lot. You can have an additional living unit put on your residential property and this allows you to enjoy more rental income. With the help of our experts, we will ensure that you are in compliance with the zoning guidelines and regulations. Our contractors have been in the business for decades and have what it takes to make your ADU project a huge success.

As you can see, building an ADU is a huge investment and you can get on board. Besides increasing the value of your property, you can easily generate rental income that would go a long way in helping with your mortgage payments. Did you know that you can build your primary residence concurrently with your ADU? Speak to our professional experts and we will take you through the numerous benefits of constructing an ADU on your property.

Best ADU Builders in San Diego

Are thinking of building an ADU and do not know where to start? Give Diamond ADU Builders San Diego a call and we will help you with this noble task. Talk to our experts and they will help you build your dream ADU and start enjoying the various benefits of the accessory dwelling units. 

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